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Schluter DITRA Matting - Per m2

Schluter DITRA Matting - Per m2
Schluter DITRA Matting De-coupling Waterproofing Membrane (Per Sq M)
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Schluter DITRA Matting is a polyethylene membrane with a grid structure of square cavities. Each cavity is cut back in a dovetail configuration and there is an anchoring fleece laminated to the underside of the membrane for enhanced adhesion.

We cut DITRA Matting to the length you need it, from 1 metre to 30 metres! This means you only buy what you need and never end up overpaying!

DITRA Matting is only 3.5mm thick, providing the thinnest possible assembly without sacrificing performance, making it a universal substrate for tile covering. It serves as an uncoupling layer for problematic surfaces, crack bridging, and a waterproofing membrane. In addition, DITRA Matting also serves as a water vapour pressure equaliser by incorporating a special layer that accommodates for moisture occurring at the underside of the substrate

Schluter DITRA Matting - sometimes called DITRA 25 - can be used for both floor and wall applications. It can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including concrete, mortar screeds, gypsum-based screeds, radiant heated screeds and masonry/mixed substrates. DITRA Matting is particularly useful when installing underfloor heating and provides a decoupling layer between the underfloor heating and the tiles. Lay DITRA 25 Matting over underfloor heating to distribute heat more evenly and prevent tile cracking due to expansion and contraction.

The matting is made from non-rotting material, whilst retaining its waterproof and elastic properties. The material is highly resistant to salts, acids and alkalis. It’s also resistant to solvents, alcohols and oils whilst the water vapour diffusion seal of DITRA Matting is high. The substrate that the matting is being fitted onto must be even and load bearing. To bond Schluter DITRA, use a bonding adhesive that is appropriate for the substrate.

DITRA installations can be made waterproof with minimal effort. Since the matting is made of waterproof polypropylene, the only extra necessary step is sealing the seams and floor/wall connections. We also stock the required Schluter ancillaries for use with DITRA Matting. Schluter recommends using their KERDI COLL Sealing Adhesive and their KEBA Seaming Tape.

Tile Fix Direct is an authorised national distributor for Schluter products. Our fully trained staff can provide technical information, obtain manufacturer's support, and offer the best possible price for the Schluter range including DITRA matting.

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Features and Benefits of Schluter DITRA Matting

Features and Benefits of Schluter DITRA Matting

  • DITRA Matting is waterproof, making it a better substrate than cement boards which can let water through
  • Resistant to movement and a wide range of solvents, alcohols and oils
  • Moisture load class according to ZDB: 0 to B0 and A
  • can be used for traffic loads up to 3 kN/m²
  • Crack bridging ability up to 1.5mm
  • Assumed intended working life of 25 years

If you’re looking for DITRA matting that can act as a conduit for Ditra Heat Underfloor Heating Cables, as well as up to 13DBS of sound reduction and heat loss reduction, head over to Schluter DITRA HEAT DUO Matting.

For more information on Schluter DITRA 25 Matting please see the video below.

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Enquiries0333 320 70 36Week Days 8am - 4pm
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