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6mm RUBI Diamond Drill Bit

6mm RUBI Diamond Drill Bit
RUBI Easy Gres Diamond Drill Bit (6mm)
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Diamond drill bits to be used with electric drill without percussion. The quality of the diamond allows the drilling of earthenware, granite, marble and glass.

The diamond drill bits are ideal to put bathroom accessories and any type of decorative accessories over ceramic surfaces in place.

They must always be used with the Easy Gres guide which ensures high precision and good results.

The working speed varies between 400 and 1000 rpm, depending on the material to be drilled. The average life of each drill bit is between 5 and 10 holes depending on the material.

The body is made of steel and the bit itself is made of electro-deposited diamond.

It offers a lateral opening to improve cooling of the drill bit and to allow the elimination of solid waste produced after the drilling of the hole.

To achieve a better finish and a longer life of the drill bit, it's important to observe the adequate speed of use and to apply a moderate pressure during the drilling.

Supplied in blister.


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