Green Garden Paving FAQ Advice and information on some of our most frequently asked questions regarding natural stone and porcelain paving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated 3rd May 2018

Are your tiles calibrated?

All of our tiles and natural stone is calibrated for even thickness. Levanti sandstone and limestone products are 22mm thick with a natural riven surface. Valverdi indoor tiles are 10mm and outdoor tiles are 20mm thick. PorcelPave tiles are either 18mm or 20mm thick.

Are your tiles rectified?

When tiles are rectified the edges are cut or ground down to create a straight and even edge, allowing you to fix with neat and narrow joints. Levanti sandstone and limestone is not rectified. All Valverdi tiles have rectified edges. Most PorcelPave tiles have rectified edges, see the PorcelPave brochure for more information about specific tiles.

How accurate are the tile sizes?

All sizes listed on our website are nominal. During the manufacturing process tiles can be pressed, fired, cut, polished and ground depending on the finish of the tile, so actual sizes will vary slightly within and between batches. Please get in touch if you require after further information about the size of the tiles before ordering.

Are your porcelain tiles vitrified?

Yes, all Valverdi and PorcelPave tiles are vitrified. The vitrification process takes place during the manufacture of the tiles; they are heated to extremely high temperatures and become glass-like. Vitrification reduces the porosity of the tiles making them impermeable to water, which makes them frost proof and resistant to staining. Natural stone paving is not vitrified.

Can you lay porcelain using a wet bed method?

We do not recommend laying external porcelain using a wet bed mortar method. As porcelain tiles have a very uniform surface it is hard to overcome lipping when installing with the wet bed mortar method. Porcelain does not adhere to sand and cement mortar, so a primer is needed on the bottom of the tiles or within the mix which can be very messy and time consuming. We recommend either a solid base or a pedestal based system, such as PorcelQuick Adpeds.

Will all my paving be the same colour?

No, for our natural sandstone and limestone there will be a lot of variation between the stones. This is a natural product and so each stone will look slightly different. We try our best to make sure all your porcelain paving is from the same batch, if you are ordering co-ordinating indoor and outdoor tiles these often look slightly different as they have different surface textures. Contact us for information regarding our current stock shades and calibrations.

Some porcelain ranges feature heavy variations between the tiles, particularly if they are designed to look like a natural material. We try to show this in photographs of the tiles, please get in touch if you would like more information about the variation in pattern and colour of a particular range.

Can I leave an exposed or cut edge?

These would leave a very hard right angle edge which would be dangerous. The exposed edges would also be prone to chipping. Use PorcelQuick stainless steel edgings in these circumstances to protect and cover the edges.

What do the slip resistance ratings mean?

For more information regarding slip resistance ratings please see our Slip Resistance Ratings information page.

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At Green Garden Paving we are passionate about porcelain. As UK market leaders in the supply of porcelain paving, we stock a variety of vitrified products suitable for a range of landscaping and architectural projects. We have over sixty years experience in the tile industry, which gives us valuable knowledge and experience in working with porcelain. We believe that porcelain cannot be treated in the same way as traditional paving products, which is why we recommend different installation methods to many of our competitors who specialise in natural stone or concrete paving.

All external porcelain at Green Garden Paving is a minimum of 18mm thick with R11 rated slip resistance. We offer full or cut samples and delivery is free on all orders over £300 (ex VAT). Products are available from stock in our Hampshire warehouse, where you can also view our external porcelain display garden which has been installed using the PorcelQuick Adped system. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly team for advice.

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