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A professional looking tiling project will have symmetrically spaced wall or floor tiles. Whether your porcelain tile job is inside your home or outside, this still applies! Tile spacers are small single use plastic guides that give you even spacing between the tiles and consistent straight lines for tile edges.

Tile spacers are available in a range of shapes and sizes from top brands like Orbry and Schluter.

We highly recommend using these inexpensive aids to provide a more professional tiling finish. Leaving enough space between your tiles also allows for natural tile movement. Flexible adhesives, grouts, and tile trims can absorb this movement, but using tile spacers to create even spacing between your tiled surface helps them to do this more effectively.

You can use tile spacers for on flooring projects, or as wall spacers for the installation of wall tiles.

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Enquiries0333 320 70 36Week Days 8am - 4pm
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