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Smoothing Compounds

Smoothing Compounds

Smoothing and levelling compounds are designed to smooth and level the subfloor. Floor levelling compounds create a flat and even surface, ready to receive the adhesive for ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles. These types of large format tiles require a very flat base.

Available in single-part and two-part varieties, tile levelling compounds are also ideal for use with underfloor heating to create a smooth, flat layer over the top.

Be sure to check the instructions on the pack of levelling compound so that you prepare it correctly as this is an important part of achieving a smooth floor. The temperature and conditions that it is poured in will impact on the amount of time the product takes to dry, so factor this in to your calculations as it must be completely dry before tiling can commence.

Here at Green Garden Paving we stock levelling solutions from top brands like Ardex, BAL, and Norcros.

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Enquiries0333 320 70 36Week Days 8am - 4pm
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